Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Open closed doors, light is coming in I feel.
Make me see the light outside
Light of hope that we are still alive
That we can still see the rays of hopes emerge
And dissolve into a resolve
Of a better future
A better tomorrow when,
Tears will disappear into joy
Disappeared will appear again
Mothers will hug their sons again
Half widows will be wives again
Orphans will have parents again

Soldiers will disappear from the beautiful gardens
Bunkers will disappear from the banks of river
Guns will disappear from the streets
Armies will disappear, security forces will vanish.

Every Capital alphabet of oppression will vanish:
No hartals, no shutdowns
No curfews, no encounters
No bullets, No bodies, No blood.
But YES to peace, YES to peace only.

Air free of oppression
Land free of aggression
People free of oppressors rule
Aggressor will disappear
Violence will disappear
Peace will rule again

Morning birds will sing again those forgotten songs
Endless songs sung in the gardens of freedom
Gardens where we shall meet again
And revive old memories with new love
And I will gift you roses plucked from the beds of peace
And wait for that peaceful smile to emerge from your face.
We shall water our garden of freedom with tears of joy
And see our garden blossom together in happiness.

Old memories will be soothed by new balm
Sorrows will disappear into past
Joys will rule at last
And Darkness will disappear fast

Wings of prosperity
Winds of peace
Blow fast, blow fast
And Open all doors and widows
And Light, let there be at last.

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