Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dream weaver

Hear Dreams calling, distance is close.
Look at the journey; destination is waiting.
Dream in your eyes; summit in sight.
Burning desire; heartening urge
Soaring soul; a passionate heart.

Look through some eyes filled with nothing
And Enter eyes drowned in thousand dreams
Promising Dreams; waiting dreams
Dreams in flight; dreams unlimited.

One day you will stand up and admire
Seeing a dream speak in those eyes
You know, you know I had seen those eyes full.
With Dreams promising to realize and now- realized

So weave a thousand dreams
With threads of your strong desire
Hold fast your dreams with forceful emotions
And let them be unleashed to flood your heart
Triumphant emotions will soar high
And drown every loss you gained by.

Look at eyes full of dreams and see
Everything in dreams, nothing in reality.
Dream is a promise that will be kept
One day you too will wakeup and say
Ah! I am living my dream.

Now the journey towards another dream.
Now to reach where you are awaited.
Now to forget the previous dream
Now time to see another dream
Now to forget that dreams never come true.

Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh dream weaver.
Eyes set on the next dream
Heart kept for dreams arrest - Surrender.
Pick up the threads and weave again

Hear the dreams calling….
Where are you? Where are you? Oh dream weaver.
I am waiting, I am waiting... to be woven by you
And become one with you.

I am coming, I am coming… to weave
My thousand dreams.

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