Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my valley

Once my valley was abode of peace,
Heaven on earth, on which poets would feast.

Beautiful mountains, gardens and gushing streams,
Fulfillment of every nature lover's dreams.

Pandits and Muslims living in harmony
All of them in every colony.

Suddenly all we could hear were gunshots and screams
My vale was up in flames and shattered to pieces.

Violence and bloodshed became order of the day,
With out killing went not a single day

Kashmir transformed from heaven to hell,
For the world-a news commodity to sell.

From all sides we received only painful blows,
Every day on streets blood still flows.

Armed men, bunkers, curfews and firing,
For that elusive peace every soul is craving

Orphans, widows and half widows,
Without stop their number still grows

What is the future of Kashmir? Nobody knows,
But there is hope as long as jehlum flows.

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