Wednesday, May 23, 2007

‘Your unwritten lines’

I see you in your poems
I draw you from your lines
I feel you behind those lines
Writing those unwritten lines
Foolishly I believe, they are meant for me.

Meant only for my desires your poems seem
Your beauty drawn in your striking lines
I pause on some lines and delay the pleasure
Read slowly, I tell myself, this line is yours forever
And these lines --your only assured possession.

Sometimes I don’t tell you these are my lines too
Sometimes I steal some lines to gift my restless heart
Sometimes in them I find echoes of my lost dreams
Sometimes I house in your lines my numerous dreams and forget
Sometimes dreams are realized in words only.

In your lines somewhere my dream lies buried
In your lines my dreams are lost never to be found again
In your lines I see dreams crying out for me
In your lines somewhere loneliness ends to begin.

Your expression in words, your heart in verse
Like a free bird emerges your soul
Comes out of your poems to sing with me
And meets my soul and calls my heart
And dissolves forever our distance together.

1 comment:

hazel said...

your poems reveal a poetic art that is all
a poet needs to have to be called as a poet .as if your pen is fully synchronised with your thoughts.keep it up!
i can see a poet whose poetry will be made obligatory for students of this subject very soon.
cherish the bounties you are bestowed with!
regards and good wishes