Thursday, May 17, 2007

"fear of unknown consequences"

The reasons for your tears

Are your own smiles?

What makes you so mum?

As your speech is silent today,

Stolen who has your calmness?

Complicated appears your simplicity,

In this world of their euphoria,

What makes you wander in the unknown streets?

This garden of blooming buds,

The hands holding garlands,

Why you continue wandering in those desolate lands?

Undoubtly to you, but perhaps he understands,

But not comes to heal the hidden wounds,

With every passing breath of yours,

With your on going state,

You play in this game

With all sincere and fair means

Caught in a whirlpool you seem

Lost in a dreadful dream

What comes to blow away your strength?

Who stops your zeal?

With you what happens?

Caught why are you now and then?

Emptiness is making space,

Caged your thoughts appear,

Put under bars you appear,

Whose are those words?

Coming to your day and night of worlds,

Why scared you are of unseen?

In the shekels of woeful illusions,

Left in a forlorn state you are?

Why this hue and cry?

What if seized your thoughts will be?

Making you afraid of the fears,

Will they let you live?

Or trampled your existence will be too?

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