Monday, May 21, 2007


Today we are observing HARTAL
Because our leader has given a call for ‘Hartal’
Complete strike, complete shutdown!
No traffic on roads and shutters down.
No work in offices, no classes in schools.
No people on roads, observing ‘Hartal’ at home
Go home and observe the strike
And if you like, come out for sometime
Pelt stones, burn tyres, smash windowpanes, and retire home.
Watch some TV, have some tea.
Do some household chores or have a siesta.
After all, every week has two Sundays here
There is Sunday and there’s that ‘HARTAL’day.
Everyone likes a Sunday and loves that ‘Hartal’ day.
Do you think its wrong, this hartal?
Do you think our leaders mind is in a state of complete shutdown!
Oh, come on, follow his call, and observe the strike.
How we look forward to hartals and follow our leaders?
Our leader is never wrong, you see.
From his home he gives a call for Hartal.
So you get a nice day off, shut down, enjoy!
Protest from home and thank our leader.
Because, our leader has given a call for Hartal.

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