Monday, May 21, 2007

'...and i found you in my loss'

You are the one I was searching for long.
You are the treasure that I found and lost.
You are that perfect definition of beauty
You are the humility that grace puts on
You are everything I am not
You are that dream living in reality.
You are the distance that is close to me
You are that distance now, stretching far away from me.
You are that love story that remained unsaid
You are that chapter that ended before opening
You are that song I longed to sing but couldn’t sing
You are actually me that I have lost now
You are me and I am you
We are not two but two in one and one in two
You are that thought soothing my soul.
You are always found resting in my thoughts.
You are you now and I am I
You are what I want to forget now
But why are you so difficult to forget easily?
Oh, why you raised my heart to fall in love?
Oh, who can rescue me when I am drowned in you?
Oh, why I listened to my heart when it never listened to me?
And why I fell so easily, without thinking
Perhaps I was destined to fall before falling in love
Perhaps heart had its own unreasonable reasons
Perhaps you are that reason why heart should rule the mind
Perhaps you are that lesson I couldn’t learn, but should have learnt

Love is only in giving,
Love is only in giving, you fool.
...and i found you in my loss.
Learn your lesson,
Love no one but love All.

1 comment:

hazel said...

and i found in my loss touched my heart .it is beautiful the complexity of this poem lies in its simplicity.i need to take classes from the "poet:majid maqbool" it is full of selflessness and the essence of it is the thoughts travel in the vehciles of poetic art.
wish you all the best