Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a solidiers day out

Good morning

A soldier is patrolling the streets

Curfew in place, shutters down,

Silence on ground,

Finger on the trigger.

Guns pointed.

A soldier is patrolling the streets.

Street dogs sense the dread

Remain still, don't bark

Birds are watching from the trees

Without moving from trees to trees

A soldier is patrolling the streets

As the day progress, shadows lengthen

Soldier's shadow lengthens

The day is about to end

The soldier looks relaxed

There is noise …

Dogs bark

Birds fly from trees to trees

Silence is broken

Soldier's shadow is not there

He is on the ground

He is dead.

There is his body

Lying in his blood

He is taken away

But blood is still there

The day ends

The blood thickens

From red to black.

So is the night

Good night.

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